Frequently Asked Questions


What Delivery/Shipping Methods Are Available?

We have two ways that you can get your product. 1. Home delivery -your product will be be delivered to your home address. 2. Local Pick Up. - Your can pick up your product at the local store.

Do You Ship To Other Regions?

Yes, we do. id the store you ordered from isn't in your city we will ship your product to you via bus. it might take three days max depending where you are.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

If your ordered from the store that is in your city it will take Three hours to get your package. If you ordered from a store that isn't in your city it might take up to three days.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept mobile money payment, that is Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money and M-Pesa. Also you can pay cash on delivery of your package.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

More and more shopping is being done online. The vast majority of online transactions are completed without any problems, but in some cases there are risks, and that’s why we’ve created this page with useful tips and tools you can use in your online shopping
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